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Talking to Tom, CEO of Morrow – React Native Specialists

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 27.01.2022

We are Morrow, an app development agency headquartered in Bristol, UK. Founded in 2019 by lead developers and lifelong best friends Tom Riglar and Charles Killer, Morrow has been going from strength to strength – and it’s not just about the tech.

So Tom, what’s your niche?

There are loads of great dev teams in the UK but one of the things that make us a bit different is our deep specialisation in just one key area: React Native mobile app development.

We live and breathe every aspect of Facebook’s mobile dev platform for iOS, Android and Web and over the past few years have gotten to know every nook and cranny. We build tools and open-source libraries for React Native and even find other agencies asking us for help when things get over their heads.

Expo is our deployment tool of choice (it’s like RN on steroids) and we’ve been official Expo consultants for over two years now.

How do you help your clients?

Our typical clients are high-growth tech startups in the UK and US who want to push the boundaries of what’s possible and then make it scale to meet their newly acquired competitive edge.

However, leading-edge app dev isn’t the only ingredient to success, it’s also how we communicate, collaborate and strategise around the coding that really adds the real value.

Our work typically starts with dealing with immediate issues in the development workflow, code base and user experience. This is where we come into our own vs internal teams and less specialised software agencies.

Once the pressing pains are remedied, we take a wider view: strategising software architecture, technical debt management and scaling. This work sets a rolling agenda for the team across new features, bug fixes, refactoring and DevOps.

The vast majority of clients stay with us on a retainer basis, typically covering technical strategy, maintenance and support. By this point, our insights have had a profound effect on their efficiency and investor confidence.

Startups have 100s of decisions to make, so by onboarding our best practices they can leave the app with us and focus on marketing, finance and everything else that keeps entrepreneurs awake at night!

What award are you up for?

We are up for App Dev Agency of the Year – it’s a real honour to make the shortlist and the whole team is very excited.

This past year has been our best ever with important app collaborations with Sole RetrieverKoodosOwnable and Kura under our belt.

We’re a tight-knit and multi-disciplinary team of consultants, developers, UX designers, marketers and project managers. Each and everyone has contributed to our success and I couldn’t be more proud to lead such a talented bunch.

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