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Awards Nomination Blog – UK Dev awards – Laser Red & Wise Robotics

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Published Date 30.01.2023

We are incredibly proud and grateful to be shortlisted for the UK Dev Awards for ‘B2B Website of the Year’ for our partnership with Wise Robotics.

Receiving the news that we have been nominated for this award has been a truly joyful experience for our hard-working Development team. Here’s a quote from our team:

“Being nominated for our work on the Wise Robotics site is not just an honour, but a privilege. It serves as a powerful reminder that when we come together with unwavering dedication and teamwork, we can achieve something truly remarkable. This project serves as a benchmark for what we are capable of and inspires us to strive for even greater heights in the future.” – Jack Duffy – Front End Developer

Now, let’s take a look at the business and website that allowed us to be nominated for this award – Wise Robotics.

Wise Robotics offers flexible warehouse automation systems and warehouse robots to help businesses become more efficient. They help their customers to simplify their manufacturing operations by speeding up the fulfilment process, integrating smart industry intelligence software and meeting the demands of their customers long into the future.

Wise Robotics’ offerings are scaleable and flexible, meaning they can work with a range of different companies and business sizes. With this in mind, we needed to provide a flexible website to Wise Robotics to showcase their services in the best possible way.

Wise Robotics wanted their site to be simple but elegant and as part of this, we incorporated subtle animations. Rather than overpowering the site with elements moving, spinning and fading, we refined the animations to ensure elegance is present throughout.

When looking at the more technical aspects, we structured our code to be as modular as possible to make it easier for the website to expand further in the future. We also wanted to make sure we compartmentalised to reduce the risk of one area of the site having an adverse impact on another which may fly under the radar.

Here’s another quote from our development team regarding the project:

“As a development team, we’re always looking for new ways of improving our workflow and the quality of our products. Wise Robotics marked the first commercial project using our new frontend framework of choice, Tailwind CSS. Paired with our tailor-made build process, we immediately saw huge increases in code quality, performance and file size by using this and it has since become a staple in future projects.”

As a final note, we would like to thank the Don’t Panic team for all of their assistance and support provided. This nomination really emphasises the hard work and dedication provided by the Laser Red Development team.

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