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Brightec celebrate their UK Dev finalist status

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Published Date 30.01.2023

Brightec is a mobile app development agency which specialises in long-term projects with clients. We aim to be a company people love working for, and clients love working with. 

We value long-term working relationships and strive to get to know our clients as well as we know our staff. We have worked with Willis Towers Watson and World of Books (Ziffit) for over 10 years. Ziffit, commented ‘Brightec are an absolute delight to work with. The team is highly knowledgeable in their field, and in understanding how our business operates day-to-day.’


Our company culture emphasises openness within the team meaning voices are heard and ideas flow from everyone, not just the leadership team. Steve (Developer): ‘Rather than feeling like a ‘job’, it feels like we’re a group of people with similar goals working together on projects. It’s a very supportive environment.’ We are intentional and diligent about our culture, reinforcing it through ceremonies such as team breakfasts. kudos, daily stand ups and retrospectives. 

We use our kudos board to actively and regularly give encouragement and ensure people feel valued.  When someone notices a team member has done something special, they move a kudos magnet on to that person. 

The passion each team member has for their work feeds directly into our company success. We dedicate time to feeding that enthusiasm for learning within each of our team through coaching, mentoring and monthly R&D. Since we introduced mentoring in 2021, two junior staff were promoted to mid-weight Designer and Developer, showing that the guidance provided supports individuals to grow their confidence and skills for progression. We’re really proud to have seen such quick results from this initative.

Every Quarter our MD gives a presentation on the company’s current financial standing. It also covers how we are implementing wider decisions and vision. This creates team buy-in and promote openness and transparency, emphasises our Collective Responsibility. 

We created our values as a team and these are at the core of our decisions as a business. We want to constantly improve our practice, in our studio and how we work with our clients. We call this ‘Making things better’. 


In 2022 we created a new studio designed specifically for our team’s needs with an approach that creates the largest chance of having the right people co-located whilst benefitting from hybrid working. This new space is crucial to retaining and expanding our unique culture; shifting from a place of work to somewhere that serves team bonding, thus facilitating a stronger, happier team that works more productively together. 

It was really important to us to get back to a space in which we can work together, somewhere that works well for the team and our new ways of working. It also needed reflect our brand (how it looks) AND our values (how it works). We’re excited and passionate about this space, where we can re-establish ourselves and how we want to work together, rather than having remote working forced upon us.

We did much of the work ourselves, being very careful with our time and money to ensure it didn’t become an unnecessary distraction. We’ve seen too many agencies and companies invest way too much into their offices, at the expense of their cash flow and clients. We hope our stories inspires others. 

Last June, we celebrated 10 (+2) years in business with our team, families, clients and suppliers – an acknowledgment of everyone’s part in our company journey. Along with special events like this, all of the team regularly receive a financial bonus. If the company is doing well, we believe the people making that happen deserve to be rewarded.

Coaching and Companionship

We believe having a happy and fulfilled team and respect for everybody’s lives feeds into a productive and profitable company. We all value the work life balance and see that as a primary goal. Our HappyTrack tool is key to us in showing that we care about each other. If someone’s having a bad day or struggling there is always someone that will reach and try to help out. Which seems to be quite unique. 

In the past 6 years only one staff member has resigned, and this was because they’d landed a contract as a children’s author. This evidences our efforts to connect with each individual as a team via culture, regular team socials and mentoring/coaching. Our investments in HappyTrack support our efforts to ensure our staff feel engaged and valued whilst many other employers have experienced rapid staff turnover catalysed by remote working. 

Sustainable growth is important to us; managing growth alongside doing a great job for our clients and creating a fantastic place to work. In practiice this means sometimes limiting our growth so that we can do the best possible job for our clients whilst at the same time creating the best environment for our team to work. We have an annual growth target of 3-4 new team members (max) which allowed us to grow our revenue by 40% and profit by 100% last year.

We aim to be Inspirational Companions, being shortlisted for this award is recognition that our people-first approach works. We know our team make Brightec what it is and we’re super proud of all the individuals who collectively  make it such a great place to work.

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